We are all in this together!

In trying to find ways to be of help, we now have a Live Stream service as an option, in case your date could be impacted. You could look at this as a form of insurance in case grandparents and the more vulnerable are needing to stay at home. Please inquire if this sounds interesting!

Hard at work rescheduling dates that have been impacted and here to answer any questions you may have! To further support you in this time of uncertainty, we are happy to reschedule at no fee and transfer the retainer value to an available date for you. Please inquire about our available dates, so we can best help anyone affected in the 8 week period.

If your date is after that, we are also happy to give you our mutually available dates, if you are considering a reschedule as well.

In the event that your date is not available, we have three options that will help keep you covered as best we can by going the extra mile. Check with us on what we have come up with to help. 

What would the world be like without bands?

THE PICTURES BAND, along with all the other awesome private event companies out there, bring events to life! Transforming the atmosphere of the event through performance, lighting and sound, bringing smiles to the guests faces through entertainment, and creating the fun environment our client envisioned. 

How can the larger community help? 

There are two things we have been asking from our friends/clients. For past clients and even guests at our events, we would love for you to help us out by leaving a review of our services. 

For our future/current clients, we ask that you reach out to us to discuss options moving forward. We are here to help in any way shape or form. We are focusing on creative solutions to help make things easier for everyone. 

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