Hey, Pictures friends, fans, and family!!! Hard to know where to start! It’s been a crazy holiday season, which we are very Thankful for, and we are barely done eating leftovers! (Ok, we’re still eating leftovers lol). Just want to touch on the high points, but there have been so many! First up was playing for our friend Allan’s fabulous law firm at the Omni Riverway in Houston. They have offices all over the USA, so very special to get everyone together. Allan is quite the showman himself and sat in with the band for several numbers, including a killer version of Sweet Caroline and an unforgettable “Harvest Moon”. We had a blast with Allan and his group and hope to get to see them again soon! We were thrilled to be invited to come back to Willowbrook Country Club in Tyler for a Christmas party and dinner- shoutout to their manager Willie, our good friend of 20+ years. We love you Willie!! The B&C Club is the first major conservation society in the US, established by Theodore Roosevelt in 1887 (one of his descendants were there too) and it occurs all over the USA, so this year, we were honored to play for their gala at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin - Wow! Incredible venue and such a great cause! Thanks much to them and keep up the meaningful work! Shoutout to Shelby for having us out to play for San Fransisco's Seesaw holiday bash at Belmont! Sabrina and their group are some really fun people and they were on the dance floor for the whole night! They came all the way to Austin for their festivities! We were so excited to feature absolutely fantastic LA based dancers that change costumes throughout the event!! They really were an perfect combination with the band and dance floor crowd dancing to the hits from each decade! We were then blown away to get to perform with these dancers again the very next night at the new Q2 soccer stadium in north Austin - the extremely talented dancers sported some absolutely unforgettable mirror-ball costumes that I guarantee people are still talking about! We liked it so much, we have added them as a next level package to enhance our events even more, so ask if you're interested and we can point you their way. The wonderful team put on an amazing party! Shout Out to Giselle who took photos of attendees, Disco Ball Dancers and Band at the party. Our very close friend Shelly Brister Malone sweetly invited us to perform at the reception for her son, Parker, and new daughter in law, Loren, at the Barr Mansion in Austin mid-December and the weather cooperated so wonderfully! Shelley's mother taught Byron and Robin ,the founders/drummer and guitarist, back in jr high and instilled such confidence that they accredit her with their tenacity and drive that helped take the band to new heights of success down the road for all these years. She would always show up for their jr high play-night/prom gigs and also urge them on in their school journals. To finish out the pre-Xmas festivities, we couldn’t have had more fun playing another yearly event for Mike and his Holiday party crowd at the Circuit of the Americas formula 1 racetrack - everyone was just so friendly and generous that they were still giving away door prizes after we had finished playing and started loading up our truck! This coming week the band will perform in Corpus Christi, TX for 2 Deb events; playing at the always fun Yacht Club and at the lovely Art Museum of South Texas w the Disco Ball Dancers. Byron can wear a Disco Ball head on drums as well and it looks incredibly awesome and cohesive w these dancers and the band in complimentary attire! We can’t wait and look forward to seeing everyone in their holiday finest dancing the night away together again after these last few years! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy and Blessed New Year! The Pictures Band Austin, Texas December 28, 2022

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