Professional Musician Over Amateur Djs – Know 2 Key Differences

It is needless to say that music breathes life into every occasion be it a corporate event, a wedding, or a reunion party. Let us say your wedding date is near, and you're busy doing 100s of other things to make it successful, but you don't have any answers to some questions. 

Who should I hire interactive wedding bands or amateur DJs to keep the guests entertained? Having considered your options, you wonder: What's the difference between an amateur DJ and a pro musician? Who would make a befitting choice for you? 

There are some very noticeable differences between a fresher DJ and a highly skilled musician having rich experience in rendering their ground-breaking performance in various live concerts, corporate events, wedding events, fundraising events, and many more. These differences can determine whether or not your event will be a huge success. Music is that important for an event; it is no joke. 

  • The following information will help you make the right decision: 

Wedding Band Pro Know How To Read A Room 

Probably the most important skill a professional musician has is building and maintaining the interest and excitement of a crowd. Choosing the right songs, playing genres that elicit a reaction, and keeping people moving on the grooves throughout the nuptial event are essential. 

Knowing what music to play is the key - if the bride and groom are hip-hop fans, it wouldn't make sense to play Elvis Presley songs during the first dance. Giving interactive performance is not a child’s play; only Houston Wedding Band musicians can turn the tables. These skills develop over the years, and you can not count on any casual DJ who was born yesterday in this niche. 

Assesses The Music For Each Event And Matches It To The Theme And Tone 

Music bands are trained to read a room, so they can match the music to the theme and tone of the event. Find the right style and genre of music for your event, whether it's an office party, a marketing activation, a wedding reception, or any other party. 

An experienced musician knows that when people are going around booths or getting product demonstrations during an event, they need to be able to hear what those in the crowd are saying. Therefore, they make your experience as easy as possible by carefully deciding what kind of music to play, maybe focusing on ambient background music instead of dance anthems. 


Professional interactive wedding bands possess this level of knowledge, but someone who has only DJed a few events may not have it. So, now you know what makes a pro wedding band stand apart from an amateur DJ. The Pictures Band is your one-stop because we have top-notch quality instruments and hands-on doctorate-degree musicians to play songs in almost all genres that set the event ablaze by injecting a dose of music, dance, and fun into the veins of the audience. Lock your event’s date today with us today.

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